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2021 GRAND PRIX 2021: The F1 2021 CSM Mod 0.97

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New features
- High quality 2021 car, pitcrews (samu!), helmets (kev!) and lot's of track specific liveries
- brand new and exclusive to this mod: full tank and no refueling tweak by prblanco: AI cars will always start with a full tank and will not refuel at pit stops anymore
- individual helmets and rims tweak by öggo
- completely new physics that go deeper in the gp4.exe than ever before; realistic rpm range, realisitc engine brake, no more monza-bug, and so on.
- much more! Have a look at the readme file and the credits and check the csm options as well.

Important note
You need the latest version of CSM to play this mod! Download ZaZ Tools 1.27b here.
Otherwise the mod will not work properly.


GRAND PRIX 2021 standalone mod

For people who don't want to use CSM, i compiled a standalone mod. It comes with an installer and a GUI which makes it very easy to play and customize the mod:

Just make sure you have Net6.0 installed (it's usually installed if you have a newer computer). If this message pop's up, just download net6.0 (desktop version) and install it:

It containes almost all features the CSM mod does, except for all the track-specific liveries (cars, helmets, marshalls, etc.). I have added 5 track specific cars.wad (default, Monaco, Zandvoort & Monza, Istanbul, Yas) which will automatically be loaded if you select the respective track in GP4.
Also in the GUI you can select if you want to run rounds 1-17 or 18-22.

Please note: There are no tracks included in this mod. But it's very simple to add your custom tracks, just follow the instructions in the GUI (hover over the buttons and read the tools tips).
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