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    2017 car conversion

    I'll ask for permission to release the Ferrari pack. If the green light is given, I'll definetely post It here. :)
  2. jucksman

    2017 car conversion

    Paulo, do you want to Work together to convert some of the cars? We can take a little of the load off from RSCT if we can share the workload...
  3. jucksman

    2017 car conversion

    I would like to contribute, If anyone is interested. I´ve been updating the ACFL cars for the past months, but the Codies are much more detailed. I already have all ferrari iterations ready if GP4 Forever and RSCT are interested...
  4. jucksman

    cascos jvinu2000

    Buenas noticias, Jvinu! Sus cascos son increibles!
  5. jucksman

    RELEASE Felipe Massa helmet 2017

  6. jucksman

    2017 Cars & Tyres (Released) by Ayman

    Vero good work. One suggestion, though: the cars look a bit too small...2017 cars are longer and wider than last year's models... Is there a way to fix that?
  7. jucksman

    Problemas de FPS en GP4 - FPS Problems in GP4

    Hello Guys Sorry to post in English, but it´s easier for me to communicate my problem. Recently I installed Gp4 in my new Laptop. After this first install, I had almost 60fps and 50% PO with all graphics on full - even mirrors, shadows, etc. Even with 2016 tracks and mods (gp4 central 2016...
  8. jucksman

    RELEASE Sebastian Vettel helmet 2016

    Is this the 2016 helmet?
  9. jucksman

    RELEASE Helmets set 2016 for Araï GP-6 RC

    Great work!!
  10. jucksman

    RELEASE 2016 Mod v0.85 Beta (CSM compilation)

    Great, Guys!
  11. jucksman

    Coches 2016

    Gostei da Ferrari, mas a Haas eu achei muito sem inspiração...
  12. jucksman


    Hello Meteoro! Any updates about this mod?
  13. jucksman

    RELEASE Ferrari F2012 by stiffmaster99

    Very nice work, Stiffmaster. If you'll allow me only one suggestion: the Ferrari's front suspension is now 'pull rod', instead of the 'push rod' system used until last year...Do you think it's possible to update that in your car? Cheers
  14. jucksman

    RELEASE Mercedes W03 by Stiffmaster99

    Great job!!
  15. jucksman

    RELEASE Fernando Alonso (Pre-Temporada, Melbourne, Monaco)

    Hola josekast! Este casco Schuberth que usted tiene es una nueva version?
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