what do you think about halo?

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  1. airbusa380

    airbusa380 Probador F1 Supporter VIP Registrado

    24 de Junio de 2011
    Me Gusta recibidos:
    hello friends of f1!
    i want know, what do you mean about halo.
    i don´t like it. jules bianci lost his life after a tragic crash, but he was too fast at this momnet.
    i think, it is not the right way to go, it is formula sport and not sport with tourcars.

    regards gerhard
  2. foreverk

    foreverk Piloto GP2 Registrado

    29 de Marzo de 2012
    Me Gusta recibidos:
    Hi Gerhard, totally agree with you, it wouldn´t saved Bianchi´s life... there is so much talk about safety and care, but the essence of this sport is lost, it is being lost, whether you like it or not the danger is part of F1, or at least it was ...

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