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RELEASE TVStyle 2018

Tema en 'Otros / Others' comenzado por Sennafan, 13 de Marzo de 2018.

  1. Sennafan

    Sennafan Piloto GP2 Supporter VIP

    Se incorporó:
    17 de Junio de 2011
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    Here you have the TVStyle 2018 which is an update of the TVStyle 2016 made by Eric ( Cire90 ) . Thanks to him for the permission to release it .
    I use a CSM MOD and a resolution of 1600x900 and it works perfectly to me . Hopefully will work to everybody , even for those who play the game with other resolutions and performance files .
    I didn't change the 11th team that I use in my MOD but you can do it easily , just open the tex.ini files into the Gpxpatch/pnl and change the pitboard's flags in the pitboard,ini , doing the same for the TVStyle and 2018TVStyleQualify text.ini files .
    The changes in the settings has to be done as well accordingly to the files that I have uploaded .
    Probably , the TVStyle will come different in this season , if so , you can enjoy at least until the start of the season in few days .
    I apologize because I don't know who made the HUD 2015 , please let me know and I give the credits to the author .

    LINK : Por favor, inicie sesión o regístrese para ver los enlaces.


    A npnc, phantaman, jcaranti y 1 persona más les gusta esto.
  2. F1 Paulo

    F1 Paulo Piloto GP2 Supporter VIP

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    28 de Junio de 2016
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