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RELEASE TV Style 2019


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27 de Junio de 2011
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São Paulo, Brasil
This is TV Style 2019:

Dozens of panels were created to try to bring the GP4 experience closer to what is shown on TV.
The panels can be selected as you prefer, butthis sequence is recommended:
- Halo HUD 2019
- 10 laps to go
- 5 laps to go
- Final lap
- Laps counter
- Battel for position
- DRS panel
- Pit time
- Flags (blue flag and yellow flag)
- Live speed
- Live speed freeze
- Speed trap
- Tire options (3 tires or 5 tires)
- TV (17 TV logos from different countries)
- Vote driver
- Vote closed
- Driver names
- David Croft & Martin Brundle tag
- My personal panel

For some reason everything works fine until GPxpatch 4.44.
The "Batlle For" panel does not work properly for P1 and P22.
Panels like "Winner", "Fastest Lap", "Race Control", "Time Tower" or "Gap" are not possible. I tried, but the limitations of GPxPatch do not leave. I'm sorry.
Everything is designed for 1920x1080 resolution. Everything can vary depending on your monitor or the resolution you use.

For Halo HUD read "ADJUST HALO"

Thanks to:
- Carl_gpgames
- Excalibur
- teunieeegp4
- Ákos Fodi by driver names

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