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Help with zmodeler


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17 de Junio de 2011
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I fully understand that people here and elsewhere have interest in formula 1 rather than tourism cars . I had as well , the first GP which I attended was Interlagos 1972 and since that time I have enjoyed the races in the circuits around the world , watching on the TV or playing the GPseries ( especially GP4 ) . The aging came and I'm not excited with the sport anymore . All of you should be aware that I'm trying to release a DTM 2015 MOD ( ) , however the masters of cars don't have time to help me to convert cars from Rfactor to GP4 . It means .... I don't have the cars . As Arnaud said ( Excalibur ) , understand and learn how to deal with Zmodeler takes time , it is a matter of attempts and fails most of the time .
I'm still trying to convert the cars , don't want to bother the guys anymore or ask them to waste their time with me . I decided to go deep into zmodeler to make the cars but have few questions and kindly would like to have some help .

1. I extracted the mas.file and opened all the files with 3DSimeEDv217b . 80% of the files have only one texture assigned to each file and I was able to handle the objects with their proper textures using zmodeler 2 as you can see in the image below:


2. About 20% of the objects have more than one texture as you can see below :


Actually , I have one question : how to assign more than one texture in each object using the zmodeler ?

Thanks in advance .
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