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17 de Junio de 2011
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The first DTM MOD I have made was the DTM 2015 and now the MOD 2020 will be the last one to be released.
There are many things to be improved in the MOD which can be made by all of you from all the GP4 communities such as improvements in the physics, performance .txt, engine sound, in the overlays, and gpxpatch graphics. The MOD does not have many kilometers in testing and that's why some bugs are expected. To complete the grid with 22 cars, I had to use the Mercedes cars from 2018 and one fantasy BMW car driven by Kamui Kobayashi.
You can modify it but always giving credits to all the authors who contributed in any way to its construction.
I would like to thank all of you who, at some time in the process, pushed me to continue the work. Also, I want to nominate all mates who helped me a lot to solve problems since the first project in 2015: Excalibur, Gezere, Meteoro, Jucksman, AUS_Doug, TurboLover, Superman77, and Phantaman. Special thanks to Fongu for his help with the shapes of the 2020 cars.

17/03/2021 DTM MOD 2020 v0.1 made by Sennafan (Rracunis)
Here you can find the credits to the authors who support me by giving permission to use their works in this mod.
Special thanks to Conguito_ from Racedepartments who gave me permission to optimize his amazing Assetto Corsa DTM MOD and skins.
Also, I would like to thank Ales Ogrinc (United Racing Design (URD)) and Speedracer1893 who gave me permission to use their work to make the first MOD in 2015.
Please let me know if I forgot someone or made mistakes related to the author of some work in order to sort all the things out properly.

Cap files: Lee71 & whoever did them.
Cars converted: Rracunis.
Cockpit shape: Konstantin, Mark, Ulf & Tony (DTM MOD 2006).
Cockpit textures: Konstantin, Mark, Ulf & Tony (DTM MOD 2006).
CSM Editing : Superman77 , Vicenzo ( jakobdylan ) ,JCaranti, Meteoro , BigBrother, Kedy89, TomMK, Phantaman ,Konstantin, Mark, Ulf & Tony (DTM MOD 2006).
CSM Icons: Thanks to whoever did them
CSM Menu: Kedy89, Rracunis, Konstantin, Mark, Ulf & Tony (DTM MOD 2006)
Engineers: Augusto Gibim
Engine sound: Konstantin, Mark, Ulf & Tony (DTM MOD 2006)
Event Sounds : Briere, Shlund , Mclarenaustralia , Nobu-Areo , lewis-hamilton00 and Lee71
- GPxPatch: Rene Smith (SDI) and Lo2k
GPxPatch flags : TDL (TheDarkListener)
Grid cars: Rracunis
Helmet (Shape): Excalibur
Helmet (Textures) : ML2166, Supla007,Gerald Chinoy,Tomek,tigerlima,Freyk,Hans Pohle and Dimitar Vitanov (Racedepartment)
Helmet 3D (Shape): Jvinu2000
Helmet 3D (Textures): Davide Hill
HUD : Samuele Pinna (32BOBO32)
LCD: Rracunis (based on the DTM MOD 2006 and the original MOD from URD)
Logos: Rracunis
Marshalls: Augusto Gibim
Menu Background: Josekast & whoever did them
Original cars shapes: Ales Ogrinc ( United Racing Design (URD) ), Conguito_
Original cars textures: Conguito_ ( Racedepartment )
Original Rims: Henky SA ( Racedepartment )
Original Tyrewalls: ML2166 ( Racedepartment )
Other cars files: Meteoro (and Blazemotorsport)
Overlays: Cire90, F1Virtual, René Smit (GpxPatch) and TheDarkListener
Pit_props : Konstantin, Mark, Ulf & Tony ( DTM MOD 2006 )
–Pit crews: Augusto Gibim
Pitboard: Tony
Physics: Boost Physics – Josekast ( based on the F1 2011 MOD ). Real physics – Meteoro
Performances: Boost performance – Josekast ( Fictional modified performance based on the F1 2010 MOD). Real performance – Meteoro
Steering wheels (Internal): AUS_DOUG
Steering wheels (External): TurboLover, Lee71, Briere, Rracunis
Teamart: Rracunis
Tyres and rims: AUS_DOUG, Excalibur, TurboLover, and Rracunis
Visors: Rracunis

Thanks to all others who have helped to keep this game alive.
Hope you like it and have fun.

Ricardo ( Sennafan )

DOWNLOAD DTM MOD 2020 version 0.1 :


18/03/2021 - UPDATE DTM MOD 2020 - Version 0.2

-Engine sound:
-Event sounds: Carl_gpgames (from his F1 MOD 2020)

* There was a bug probably related to the old events sound and/or dll and bin files. I have changed these files and updated the event sounds and seems that now the MOD is working fine!

DOWNLOAD DTM MOD 2020 version 0.2 :

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8 de Junio de 2011
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Very nice Ricardo. Its a great share. 👍 👍 👍


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16 de Junio de 2011
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By the way, I had to replace the tweaker dll and bin files from another mod to get tweaker to work properly for me.

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15 de Agosto de 2017
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So, I've been away from gp4 for a couple years now, but made a comeback this week and just tried mods for the first time. This was the first I looked here and decided to have a go.

First of all. Amazing work. The interiors look amazing, all the textures are great. I fancy it a lot. The only thing I noticed is the fact that the AI runs v10's. I mean, the other cars sound like the v10's from the original game. Is it something we can´t change? I'm asking it because I really don't know since this is my first time running a mod. Thanks.

And for the creators, many thanks. Awesome job.


Piloto Formula 3
11 de Abril de 2021
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Hi! Can someone tell me how I install the mod? I already installed the file in format cuh. ; but how I do to do the mod work? Do I have to install anything? Thanks!
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