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  1. jcaranti


    😍 😍 😍
  2. jcaranti


    Se ve espectacular. 😍 😍
  3. jcaranti

    Hola Pedro, En realidad no es nada nuevo. Es basicamente lo mismo osea CSM, TSM, easywad...

    Hola Pedro, En realidad no es nada nuevo. Es basicamente lo mismo osea CSM, TSM, easywad, Slimtex, y otros menores solo que esta vez no hay un boton de update para actualizar esas aplicaciones porque son la ultima actualizacion que siempre tuvimos. Sobre el .dat del pitlane si es mas de 300...
  4. jcaranti

    RELEASE GP4 halo HUD 2018

    Not a wad file. You have to install this manually in the Gpsaves menu of Gp4 and then you enter GpxPatch inside GpxCinfo tab and select the .ini file
  5. jcaranti

    Zandvoort 80´s prog

    Gp4builder2017b, with this tool you can edit and create tracks. https://www.mediafire.com/file/hiiomk83jn32s44/GP4_Builder_2017B.zip/file Zmodeler 1.07b This tools you can make cars or objects for Gp4...
  6. jcaranti

    Como instalar GP4

    Let me know how it went. 👍
  7. jcaranti

    Como instalar GP4

    Download this Gp4: CLICK HERE it includes Gpxpatch 4.52 This should work. 👍
  8. jcaranti

    Zandvoort 80´s prog

    No es ninguna conversion.
  9. jcaranti

    RELEASE Red Bull RB15

    We like people that actually makes comments. For example if you liked a car say why you liked the car. It can be same for other things like, helmets, tracks, mods, etc ... The V is kind of insulting to everyone here for the time they put making the car, helmet, tracks, mod, etc ... Its about...
  10. jcaranti

    RELEASE Max Verstappen Special Helmets

    Kev, man your on fire on the amount of work you put on. Thank you so much. Awesome work.
  11. jcaranti

    RELEASE Red Bull RB15

    i see you put another ¨¨V i am going to bann you for 30 days. Final warning. You continue after that i bann you for life of this forum.
  12. jcaranti

    RELEASE Yuki Tsunoda Special Helmets

    Thank you Kev !!!. Its a beauty 👍 👍 😍
  13. jcaranti


    Busca en la parte superior derecha de esta pagina donde hay un boton verde que dice "Descargar". Ahi te va a llevar a otra pagina y descargas los archivos.
  14. jcaranti

    Trackpack 2020

    In this topic their is no 2020 mod. Use the search function of the forum, its usefull.
  15. jcaranti

    Torneo de IAs

    Me interesa. 👍
  16. jcaranti

    RELEASE Haas VF-21

    Thank you Kev, Arnaud, and Isaint !!. 👏👏
  17. jcaranti

    RELEASE Aston Martin AMR21

    What a car Kev !!. love it. 👍 👍
  18. jcaranti

    RELEASE Williams FW43B

    Hi Kev, Great job with all these versions of the Fw43. Thank you. Thanks also excalibur, Hega and the Rsct. Where is Gezere lately? Kind regards Jorge.
  19. jcaranti

    link de descarga de los mod????

    Muy bien Sergio 👍 👍
  20. jcaranti

    link de descarga de los mod????

    Y si buscas en el foro? El que no esta es del 2017, pero los demas estan ...
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