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    RELEASE Grand Prix 4 MOD 2012 - 18/06/2013

    Tuve que finalmente probar el tiempo. Gracias a todos!:yujuu::cerveza: ( My Spanish language is not perfect, sorry) Thanks a lot for a lot of fun Guys
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    RELEASE Track Long Beach

    :ganador::cerveza::ok::birras 2::aplauso:
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    RELEASE Track Osterreichring 1976/1979

    thx once more. Your work is good for a lot of fun in my private Live:yujuu:
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    RELEASE Spa 1979 Beta v0.9

    Muchas gracias por todo trabajo
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    RELEASE Track Buenos Aires 1979

    Thank a lot for alll your hard and really good Work. I hope i´ve time for testing soon:cerveza:
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    RELEASE 2012 Trackmaps

    thanks a lot for work man:ok:
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    RELEASE Koenigsegg Agera R

    i´ve tested with original tracks - thanks a lot. Now i wanna create a game with the 88 trackpack from plodekk and cleberpister. Tengo curiosidad and one´s more: You are doing a great job all, thanks!:birras 2:
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    RELEASE Cascos F1 2012 by Grl48 (Stoner P4)

    Thanks a lot for your Work, i hope i´ve Time for Testing soon
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    WIP Team Radio 2.0 (demonstration) + Enbseries (released) + Pitboards 2012 (Demonstration)

    Thanks a lot, will try it soon :birras 2:
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    RELEASE Grand Prix 4 MOD 2011 - 18/06/2013

    Hi Jose, from Chrismasdays to now i´ve Time for testing Mod2011. Perfect Work Man. I´ve just a Problem to patch Trackckdatas with cmagic datas when i use your Physics , that´s no possible or i do something wrong? Maybe someone can help me?
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    RELEASE Grand Prix 4 MOD 2011 - 18/06/2013

    thanks a lot for all your great works and thanks complete for this great site. Muchas gracias por todo!:aplauso::aplauso:
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    RELEASE Valencia 2011 European GP Track by Jucksman, Neilcaine and Josekast

    thanks a lot Guys, great Work!!:cerveza:
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    RELEASE Conversion coches F1 2011

    i´ll gonna tested next Time but i´am sure is the same best Work as all other before. Thank you:ganador:
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    RELEASE Pack Coches 2010 - Conversion F1 2010

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    RELEASE Melbourne 2012 - beta by F1virtual Team

    fantásissimo, muchas gracias - perfecto:yujuu:
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    RELEASE Buddh International Circuit (India) 2011 v3.1.5 by KTC & Josekast

    Hi Guy´s, it´s Time to say thx to all Modders, Constructors, Builders - however. i´ve a lot of respect about all of your Works and say thank you for a lot of Fun Best Regards from Bavaria :cerveza:
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