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    RELEASE Models of 2012 Motorhomes (Pirelli, ForceIndia, FIA, RedBull/ToroRosso, Ferrari)

    Models of 2012 Motorhomes (Pirelli, ForceIndia, FIA, RedBull/ToroRosso, Ferrari, McLaren) low-poly-count/one-texture models of 2012 Motorhomes (background objects for your tracks) Pirelli Motorhome v2 (100 faces - 2048x1024 tga) Download: Zippyshare.com - Motorhome_Pirelli_v2.7z for ingame...
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    RELEASE Pirelli 2012 preseason template and textures

    hi always nice to have a choice :) josekast's tyres: http://gp4forever.com/f67/neum%E1ticos-pirelli-596/ thanks to Excalibur's permission I can share: - rim_template_2012_preseason_v3_final.psd with 2012 sidewalls/some rims and various alpha channels/misc markings - set of generic preseason...
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    RELEASE TV Anim for 2011 tracks

    hi for all the fantastic 2011 tracks hi-res tvanim.tex using real photos all races (1-19) !! only for you if you don't use "Full dynamic video walls" in f1graphics.cfg !! File name: tvanim_2011_complete.zip File size: 2.99 MB cheers xandy
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