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    RELEASE Anderstorp 1978 - Beta

    Aqui deixo-vos a minha versäo de Anderstorp 1978 - Beta
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    Performance file

    Hi I would like to know if it is possible to use 1 Performance file.txt in gpxpatch for all tracks? Greetings
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    RELEASE pitcrew

    I made a update of the pitcrew mclaren and sauber, quali and race. https://1fichier.com/?1es6dzo1i5 McLaren update: https://1fichier.com/?9izzwk19u5 Sauber update in jaguar slot: https://1fichier.com/?k0q539m91c its not 100% prefect anim.wad: https://1fichier.com/?jlsjvz41pm Ainda...
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