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    RELEASE 1988 mod update: McLaren MP4/4 version 0.1

    It's been a long time now that this version is ... I finally decided to deliver it to you until I update :) So have fun !!! McLaren MP4/4 Version 0.1 Shape: Filou16 Textures: Filou16 (it was my first textures attempt and it's very old... so be kind) based on Btone's one
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    RELEASE 1988 mod update: 2D/3D HD tyres

    Screenshot by Turbo Lover 2D/3D HD tyres for 1988 CSM MOD Tyres by Ulf Textures By Ulf and tweaked by Turbo Lover 1988 mod integration by Filou16
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    RELEASE 1988 mod update: Ligier JS31

    Pedro, Muito obrigado meu amigo ... Todos os meus pensamentos são para você e sua família durante este período doloroso para todos vocês
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    RELEASE 1988 mod update: Ligier JS31

    ======================================================================= LIGIER JS31 Date: 12/12/12 Version: 1.00 ======================================================================= Title : Ligier JS31 Authors : Philippe Torres aka...
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    WIP 1988 mod update: Benetton B188 to come...

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    RELEASE 1988 mod update: March 881

    First download link in first...
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    RELEASE 1988 mod update: March 881

    Arrows will come very quickly...
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    RELEASE 1988 mod update: March 881

    Rear light patch Added... :cabezazos:
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    RELEASE 1988 mod update: March 881

    ******************************************************************** 1988 Mod update MARCH 881 filou16 ******************************************************************** Bodyshape: Filou16 Mapping/Texturing: Filou16/Btone Thanks to Tony for his marvelous work !!! Goodbye and good game...
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    WIP MOD Formula 1 1993

    From Öggo Hello, dear fellas! :P It's been quite a long time since my last post in here, but you know, life can be incredibly busy at some times. Nevertheless, work on 1993 stuff may have slown down, but never stopped! Thus, here is a new car for you, making it another step forward towards a...
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    Thank you Guys !!!

    Thank you Guys !!!
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