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    RELEASE 1988 mod update: McLaren MP4/4 version 0.1

    It's been a long time now that this version is ... I finally decided to deliver it to you until I update :) So have fun !!! McLaren MP4/4 Version 0.1 Shape: Filou16 Textures: Filou16 (it was my first textures attempt and it's very old... so be kind) based on Btone's one
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    RELEASE 1988 mod update: 2D/3D HD tyres

    Screenshot by Turbo Lover 2D/3D HD tyres for 1988 CSM MOD Tyres by Ulf Textures By Ulf and tweaked by Turbo Lover 1988 mod integration by Filou16
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    RELEASE 1988 mod update: Ligier JS31

    ======================================================================= LIGIER JS31 Date: 12/12/12 Version: 1.00 ======================================================================= Title : Ligier JS31 Authors : Philippe Torres aka...
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    WIP 1988 mod update: Benetton B188 to come...

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    RELEASE 1988 mod update: March 881

    ******************************************************************** 1988 Mod update MARCH 881 filou16 ******************************************************************** Bodyshape: Filou16 Mapping/Texturing: Filou16/Btone Thanks to Tony for his marvelous work !!! Goodbye and good game...
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