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  1. airbusa380


    Hello everybody! I have a question about the tcam. In some MODS I can't get them to be positioned on the roof of a car. Example for DTM2020 or nascar 2015. I forgot how the graphics should be set up for this. Who can help me? Thank you for your attention and happy Easter! Please everyone stay...
  2. airbusa380

    feliz pascua, happy easter, frohe ostern

    Les deseo a todos unas felices vacaciones de Pascua. mantenerse saludable y quedarse en casa! ¡Exitosa caza de huevos! I wish you all a Happy Easter. Stay healthy and stay at home! successful egg hunt Ich wünsche euch allen frohe ostern. Bleibt gesund und bleibt zu hause! erfolgreiche eiersuche
  3. airbusa380


    Hello everybody! in times of corona i hope you will be okay for a life time!
  4. airbusa380


    feliz navidad, merry christmas y frohe weihnachten everone y muchias gracias por el año!
  5. airbusa380

    GPI Browser 1.2 with windows 7 64bit.....

    .....doesn´t work. Now first hello to all! is there someone know the reason, why? regards gerhard
  6. airbusa380

    what do you think about halo?

    hello friends of f1! i want know, what do you mean about halo. i don´t like it. jules bianci lost his life after a tragic crash, but he was too fast at this momnet. i think, it is not the right way to go, it is formula sport and not sport with tourcars. regards gerhard
  7. airbusa380

    navidad, christmas, weihnachten

    From tomorrwo on i stay on the island of Lanzarote. So feliz navidad, merry christmas y frohe weihnachten! Also feliz año nuevo, happy new year y frohes neues jahr! Muchas gracias, thank you very much y dankschön for the year 2017. I hope, people on ebay will never get the option to share...
  8. airbusa380

    Pictures of american fanparty in hockenheim

    Hello gyus! I think, we ar all fans in motorsport, so i hope, you like my pics here.
  9. airbusa380


    Feliz Pascua a todos! Happy Easter for all!
  10. airbusa380

    Autmatic brakes Sakhir

    Puedo conducir GP4 como un principiante y tienen en el circuito de Sakhir problemas con el frenado autmatischen en un giro 10. Estoy allí de forma regular fuera de la pista. ¿Qué debo configurar para que funcione allí? I drive GP4 as a beginner and have problems with the autmatic brakes in the...
  11. airbusa380

    Melbourne 2017

    Buenos días! El 6 de enero 2017 fue el final de mi viaje de Australia en Melbourne en Albert Park. Sólo los pozos es permanente, tribunas, etc., para ser construidos. Good Morning! On 6 January 2017 was at the end of my Australia tour in Melbourne in the Albert Park. Only the pit lane is...
  12. airbusa380

    Palabras para 2016 y 2017

    Felicidades a Nico Rosberg! La temporada 2016 ha terminado. Para 2017 esperamos muchos cambios en la F1, especialmente coches muy diferentes. Todavía estoy feliz de estar aquí en este foro. Por desgracia, no soy capaz de crear rutas o para formar nuevos coches, así que estoy muy agradecido por...
  13. airbusa380

    Team Logos 2016

    Release!!!! Team Logos from the official formula 1 site!
  14. airbusa380

    Death of Jules Bianchi

    After his crash in Suzuka in october 2014, Jules Bianchi died in the night to saturday, 2015.7.17. He reached the age of 25 years. Since the accident he´s in coma for 9 months. R.I.P.
  15. airbusa380

    My downloads from temporada 2015

    Hello modders and authors! With this post i want to say thank you very much for all your sharing files. I was in holiday for 4 weeks and now i started 2015 files downloads. Maybe, i could write under every post, but i hope, it is enough, when i do it that way. All files are great jobs of you...
  16. airbusa380

    Daytona 500

    Hello guys! Last sunday it was my first time to nascar live on the track of daytona international speedway. When i come home from l.a. middle of march, i will post a lot of pics. One thing i can say, it was a better sound.
  17. airbusa380

    Navidad Christmas 2014

    Les deseo una Feliz Navidad y Feliz Año Nuevo 2015! To all of you a merry christmas and a happy new year 2015! Für euch alle eine frohe Weihnacht und gutes neues Jahr 2015! Saludos Gerhard P.S.: in february 2015 i will visit my first nascar race and this at daytona international speedway...
  18. airbusa380

    The end of season 2014

    Hello together! Thank you very much to all, made us happy with their works for 2014! I am not be able to make cars and tracks etc. and all guys can do this, have my very deep respect. Without you, we must drive in the history allways. I hope, it will go on 2015! To all of you i wish a very nice...
  19. airbusa380

    Gridcars and Teamart numbers 2014

    Easy to change with gpi browser 1.2: Teamrt 2014 33 - Vettel 55 - Magnussen 56 - Button 60 - Hülkenberg 61 - Ricciardo 62 - Maldonado 63 - Rosberg 64 - Bottas 66 - Grosjean 68 - Vergne 70 - Massa 72 - Alonso 74 - Perez 75 - Sutil 193 - Hamilton 268 - Chilton 269 - Bianchi 270 - Guitierrez 271 -...
  20. airbusa380

    Cockpittextures 2014

    My head is smoking, because i have no idea to create new cockpits (cp.....tex) for the 2014 season. Does somone know, how to do. I want to help where i can for updating files. Best regards Gerhard
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