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  1. Max-17x

    RELEASE Jules Bianchi (AUS - MAL)

  2. Max-17x

    RELEASE Nico Rosberg 2016 Abu Dhabi GP helmet

    Hello, I'm sorry but I've lost the files some years ago when changed computers. :( Although, I believe most of the Rosberg-Bell helmets were added to F1 2016 by Patrick34 and/or WCP-Series for rFactor, the thing is, I can't fully confirm that.
  3. Max-17x

    RELEASE Shape Arai GP-6

  4. Max-17x

    RELEASE Shape Schuberth SF1

  5. Max-17x

    RELEASE Shape Bell HP7

  6. Max-17x

    RELEASE Fernando Alonso (LAUNCH - MONACO - INDIA)

  7. Max-17x

    RELEASE 2022 Helmets

    10/10! 😄👌
  8. Max-17x

    RELEASE Set Vettel (Sepang a Sao Paulo)

  9. Max-17x

    RELEASE Lewis Hamilton Special Helmets

    😍 👌
  10. Max-17x

    RELEASE Kimi Raikkonen - Abu Dhabi GP Helmet

    😍 🥲
  11. Max-17x

    RELEASE Yuki Tsunoda Special Helmets

  12. Max-17x

    RELEASE Pierre Gasly helmet 2017

    Here: DOWNLOAD
  13. Max-17x

    RELEASE Yuki Tsunoda Special Helmets

  14. Max-17x

    RELEASE Daniel Ricciardo Special Helmets

    Spot on! 10/10 😍
  15. Max-17x

    RELEASE Max Verstappen Special Helmets

    This is plain just awesome! 😍
  16. Max-17x

    RELEASE Pierre Gasly Special Helmets

    Thank you, very much! 🥲
  17. Max-17x

    RELEASE Kimi Raikkonen

    Superb job, mate! It's nice to see you're still making those amazing helmets. :cerveza:
  18. Max-17x

    RELEASE Sebastian Vettel helmet 2017

    Sí, pero hay letra pequeña que indica que "solo el diseño completo es el que hace efectivo el cambio", si ves todos los cascos de Vettel, siempre tienen lo mismo, bandera alemana/italiana, los patrocinios de Ferrari, y después, que lo blanco lo pinte como quiera, pero mientras que mantenga el...
  19. Max-17x

    RELEASE Brendon Hartley helmet 2017

    Incredible!! :vueltasss:
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