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  1. fongu

    RELEASE Grand Prix 4 MOD 2012 - 18/06/2013

  2. fongu

    RELEASE Track Osterreichring 1976/1979

    I've uploaded the 1976 version beta by Turbo Lover onto my blog
  3. fongu

    RELEASE 2008 Honda RA108 Full Season Package by Fongu & Raulongo

    The updated links are here: https://fongugp4.blogspot.com/p/fongus-gp4-cars.html
  4. fongu

    RELEASE 2023 Helmet set

    2023 helmets available by clicking the picture above.
  5. fongu

    RELEASE Fongu's 2011 Mod

    This mod started out with my CSM 'empty mod' and I've been asking around for as much available content related to the 2011 season I could find - and even then I couldn't fit it all into the mod. Almost every car has different and interchangeable playable versions, whether you like the...
  6. fongu

    RELEASE MOD Formula 1 1995 v2.2

    The 1995 mod has been updated to version 2.3 and is availble by clicking the picture above.
  7. fongu

    RELEASE MOD Formula 1 1994 v4.1

    Version 4.1 is available, which you can download by clicking the image above.
  8. fongu

    RELEASE 2022 McLaren MCL36 by fongu

  9. fongu

    RELEASE 2022 Alpha Tauri by fongu

  10. fongu

    RELEASE 2022 Helmets

    All the raced helmets have been added to the helmet pack, you can preview almost all of them here: https://fongugp4.blogspot.com/p/gp4-2022-helmets.html Here are a few of my favourites: Download Link
  11. fongu

    RELEASE 1994 Benetton B194 Ford-Cosworth (Australian GP) by Fongu

    You can read more details about the car over here: https://fongugp4.blogspot.com/2022/07/gp4-1994-benetton-b194-ford-cosworth_25.html Download Link | (mirror)
  12. fongu

    RELEASE MOD Formula 1 1994 v4.1

    Hi, Are you getting the same issue as already posted here? https://www.grandprixgames.org/read.php?4,695251,1159276#msg-1159276 If so, a fix is uploaded. If it's something different, can you email me a screenshot. Thanks
  13. fongu

    RELEASE MOD Formula 1 1994 v4.1

    Happy 20th Birthday Grand Prix 4! My present to the community on this momentous occassion is a brand new (CSM) version of the 1994 mod - including a special nostalagic Grand Prix 2 sub mod. Click on the picture to download. More info, as always, over on my blog: https://fongugp4.blogspot.com
  14. fongu

    RELEASE 1994 Lotus 109 Mugen-Honda (Australian GP) by Fongu

    You can read more details about the car over here: https://fongugp4.blogspot.com/2022/05/gp4-1994-lotus-109-mugen-honda.html Download Link | (mirror)
  15. fongu

    WIP MOD Formula 1 1996

    links updated
  16. fongu

    RELEASE 2022 Helmets

    Click here to see previews of all the helmets All 21 drivers are included in this pack, and any future helmets will be added directly to this package. More details on my blog https://fongugp4.blogspot.com/
  17. fongu

    RELEASE Ferrari SF21 | Alfa Romeo C41 | Alpine A521 Bahrain livery

    Now we have a full 2021 shape for the Alpine 😁 Download Link | (mirror) https://fongugp4.blogspot.com/ In case you missed it, we have more Alfa Romeo liveries, with Kubica's car, Italy livery and Abu Dhabi liveries all included. Download Link | (mirror) https://fongugp4.blogspot.com
  18. fongu

    RELEASE 1994 Ligier JS39B Renault (Australian GP) by Fongu

    There's lots of great info about the car over on my blog https://fongugp4.blogspot.com Download Link | (mirror)
  19. fongu

    RELEASE 1994 Williams FW16B Renault (Australian GP) by Fongu

    Download Link | (mirror) More info on the car, including my car walk arounds can be found here: https://fongugp4.blogspot.com/2021/01/gp4-1994-williams-fw16b-renault.html
  20. fongu

    RELEASE 1994 McLaren MP4/9 Peugeot (Australian GP) by Fongu

    I'm proud to present to you the 1994 McLaren to add to my growing collection of 1994 cars based on the Australian GP version. You can read more about it, including links to the old walk arounds where I go through the details of the shape over on my blog...
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