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  1. J

    RELEASE Engine Sound McLaren MP4-8 and Benetton B193 MOD 1993

    This sound we can use also for Benetton B193, same engine. I just post a video today with this fantastic mod. Thanks for the ones that delivered this great mod Benetton B193 at Kyalami
  2. J


    Does your pack to MOD 2023 is complete including tracks? Please send me the link!!!! Best Jose
  3. J

    RELEASE Engine Sound McLaren MP4-8 and Benetton B193 MOD 1993

    A little update to deceleration sounds and some frequency changes. McLaren MP4-8 Engine Sound v1.2 https://www.mediafire.com/file/r053zxvrg6q2oc9/Engine_Sound_McLaren_MP4-8_MOD_1993_v1.2.zip/file
  4. J

    GP4 Seasons 1990HD & 1993HD By Mrmpleo

    I Think this ones still working too https://www.4shared.com/folder/ta1v92Qv/1990_1991_1992_1993_1994.html
  5. J

    GP4 Seasons 1990HD & 1993HD By Mrmpleo

    Hi Mad206 welcome back to GP4 world :-). Seems that FONGU Blog is in maintenance!!! It's the main source to get all gp4 old/new mods, tracks and other GP4 stuff. Some links are still working 1993 https://www.grandprixgames.org/read.php?4,1129934,page=1 1989 1992...
  6. J

    RELEASE Engine Sound Ferrari SF23

    ===RELEASED ==>> FERRARI SF23 v1.0 - Internal and External sounds for Season 2023 Files Engines Sound Internal and external Ferrari SF23 This sound will work on MOD 2022 in case you want to test it ( hope physics of the future 2023 MOD remains similar ). Thank you all for all the work...
  7. J

    RELEASE Engine Sound Ferrari SF23

    Hi guys working with FERRARI SF23 ENGINE SOUNDS. First test I think it's ok. Let me know what do you think. Video of Ferrari Engine Sound test. [video] Best Jose
  8. J

    RELEASE Engine Sound for Ford Cosworth V8 and Renault Turbo V6 - MOD 1980

    This is a new version to engine sounds of Ford V8 ( internal and external ) and Renault Turbo ( internal and external ). Hope you like it Video: [video] - Files below Ford Cosworth V8 v2.0 https://www.mediafire.com/file/hp3nb3voevbzqmh/Engine_Sound_Ford_CosworthV8_MOD_1980_v2.0.zip/file...
  9. J

    Mod's 1981 - 1985 - 1987

    Procura aqui https://fongugp4.blogspot.com/p/gp4-mods.html Nao tem 81 mas tem 85, 87 ( acho que e non CSM )
  10. J

    RELEASE Engine Sound for McLaren MP4-4 Honda V6 Turbo - MOD 1988

    Just Released the new Internal and External Sound for this mod Sound files on the first post have fun
  11. J

    RELEASE Engine Sound for McLaren MP4-4 Honda V6 Turbo - MOD 1988

    Hi Jorge yes, just let me finish the MP4-4 external sound here and Renault 1980. Then I will start the work on Ferrari 2023. Best Jose
  12. J

    RELEASE Engine Sound for McLaren MP4-4 Honda V6 Turbo - MOD 1988

    Working on a new sound for McLaren MP4-4 and have a lot of fun with Senna x Prost duel Sound Files https://www.mediafire.com/file/agksgop8fifq1hs/Engine_Sound_McLaren_Honda_V6_Turbo_MOD_1988_v1.0.zip/file
  13. J

    RELEASE Engine Sound Internal and External for Ford Cosworth V8 - MOD 1980

    Just Released the new sound for Ford V8 F1 1980. Hope you like it. Best Jose
  14. J

    RELEASE MOD Formula 1 1985

    here you can find this one and much more!!!! https://fongugp4.blogspot.com/p/f1-1980s.html
  15. J

    RELEASE Grand Prix 4 MOD 2012 - 18/06/2013

    Is there another link to donwload? The download button directs to a site with harmfull programs according to the security tools!!!
  16. J

    RELEASE Melbourne 2017 update by Jcaranti

    Hi Jorge I download your version of Melbourne 2012 v1.31 and there's something wrong or some data missing to include it on GP4. Can you give any suggestion what could be wrong? Does it have any pre-requisit to install? The error message on TSM is bellow: Host: GP4LIB 0.8.109 Caller: GP4LIB...
  17. J


    Feliz Ano Novo!!!!!! Happy New Year to everybody
  18. J

    RELEASE Track Osterreichring 1976/1979

    https://fongugp4.blogspot.com/p/f1-tracks-pre-1980.html I found just 1979
  19. J

    RELEASE Grand Prix 4 MOD 1987 & 1989 HD

    Look at https://fongugp4.blogspot.com/p/f1-1980s.html 1989 has a new great new csm mod from Kerley
  20. J

    RELEASE Engine Sound for Renault Turbo V6 - MOD 1980

    Hi guys, Working on the F1 Season 1980 from Ripping Corpse ( thanks a lot for this great season ). I will release my engine sounds for F1 MOD 1980 on this post. **** RENAULT TURBO V6 ************ Video ==> Sound files: ==>...
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