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  1. pippo46

    RELEASE GRAND PRIX 2021: The F1 2021 mod

    Can you help please? Thanks
  2. pippo46

    RELEASE Autodromo Enzo e Dino Ferrari - Imola 2021

    good work guys..... 🤝 gracias
  3. pippo46

    Publicar descarga en GP4Forever.com

    bdias todos, muchos gracias por el trabajo de CSM2021. 😍 I have the same problem trying to download. Any help please? Gracias Ja
  4. pippo46

    RELEASE Mugello - Gp Tuscany 2020

    Muchos Gracias @jcaranti & @drt01 - Trabajo bueno!
  5. pippo46

    RELEASE Lewis Hamilton

    @jvinu2000 & @Nick9320 you guys have TALENT & AMAZING work of art 👏
  6. pippo46

    RELEASE Melbourne 2020 by Jcaranti

    Gacias como siempre @jcaranti
  7. pippo46

    RELEASE Silverstone 2019 v1.0 update by Jcaranti

    @jcaranti gracias legenda!! 😍
  8. pippo46

    RELEASE Melbourne 2019 update by Jcaranti

    Muchos Gracias GRANDE @jcaranti . Siempre mucho bravo 👏
  9. pippo46

    RELEASE ***** MISANO WORLD CIRCUIT Marco Simoncelli *****

    thanks @drt01 Good job & all your development Team
  10. pippo46

    Mexico Circuito Hermanos Rodriguez

    good day all, any update of wip for MEXICO Track please? I had a basic one from 2016 mod, I believe from mod by @phantaman Appreciate any kind info please Gracias Ja
  11. pippo46

    RELEASE Sebastian Vettel 2018

    @jvinu2000 did you 'draw' these yourself? you must be a real talented legend!!! Well done :cerveza:
  12. pippo46

    RELEASE 2018 Mod v1.0

    bdias mi amigo jcaranti, I found the 2 files for 2016.... Again thanks a million for your link... You're gr8. Gracias a todos Ja
  13. pippo46

    RELEASE 2018 Mod v1.0

    Ermmm excuse me jcaranti, did you post a hyperlink? for the trackpack? Appreciate if you could kindly re-post again, I could not click on any links for the trackpack... Gracias de nuevo amigo :cerveza:
  14. pippo46

    RELEASE 2018 Mod v1.0

    You are again correct jcaranti, yes again I confused the 2018 CSM mod with the 2016 TSM trackpack & yes I believe it was by phantaman (probably most of the stuff by you Jorge), what I do recall for sure is that in the CSM 'the Mod Configurables' there were 2 files to choose from the dropdown...
  15. pippo46

    RELEASE 2018 Mod v1.0

    :cabezazos: OMG, how could I confuse myself & mix up kedy89 with phantaman ???:cabezazos: Apologies to both please, but perhaps what happened was, that when I had issues installing the mod, probably phantaman was one of the users who immediately replied to my posts... Apologies mi...
  16. pippo46

    RELEASE 2018 Mod v1.0

    Hola mi amigos, I'm back, but still not 100%...... With regards to the above, I tried reading & understanding all of your kind suggestions & possible solutions.... Either I did not understand or something did not function, as GP4 through ZaZ tools was not running! I am suspecting that I could...
  17. pippo46

    RELEASE 2018 Mod v1.0

    hi guys, I had to re-install everything as for some reason GP4 would not run. This time the issue I am facing is with the graphics.... My monitor is a 27" monitor with resolution 1920x1080. My graphics card is an Nvidia GeForce GTX 1050 Ti I am uploading the screenshots which show the poor...
  18. pippo46

    RELEASE Carlos Sainz

    @jvinu2000 well done, you are really TALENTED!!!
  19. pippo46

    RELEASE Bahrain 2018 (31/3/2019)

    Muchos gracias @jcaranti ;)
  20. pippo46

    RELEASE Austin 2018

    gracias BAD BOY jcaranti :cerveza:
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