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  1. jucksman

    Problemas de FPS en GP4 - FPS Problems in GP4

    Hello Guys Sorry to post in English, but it´s easier for me to communicate my problem. Recently I installed Gp4 in my new Laptop. After this first install, I had almost 60fps and 50% PO with all graphics on full - even mirrors, shadows, etc. Even with 2016 tracks and mods (gp4 central 2016...
  2. jucksman

    RELEASE Valencia 2011 European GP Track by Jucksman, Neilcaine and Josekast

    11/11/2011 - 2011 Valencia Street Circuit================================================== =====================Title : 2011 ValenciaVersion : 5.0Filenames : indianapolis2001.wad + S1CT16.DATAuthors : I don't know who the original authors are for this track. If someone knows, please tell me so...
  3. jucksman

    WIP 2011 3D wheels

    Here's something I'm working on: 3D bbs 2011 wheels. I also want to make the OZ wheels, but I need help mapping these new wheels, to try to make them compatible with the current 2011 tyre textures. Does anyone want to help?
  4. jucksman

    RELEASE F1 2011 alternativo por Jucksman

    - All cars follow true-to-life dimensions, ride height, rake and wheelbase. I tried to position the drivers body as realistically as possible. - Most cars are compatible with the textures released in Josekast's pack - please credit the authors if you are goingo to use them. ;-) - All cars are...
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