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  1. drt01

    RELEASE Mugello - Gp Tuscany 2020

    Track released, see first post 😎 🚀
  2. drt01

    RELEASE Aston Martin

    Ok, just download.. now you can remove the files🤣..joking Thanks a lot and great car as always
  3. drt01

    RELEASE Aston Martin

    Yes , i mean lower lods please.😇
  4. drt01

    RELEASE Aston Martin

    Great work, and thanks for sharing it's possible to have low-res Carshape?
  5. drt01

    RELEASE Mugello - Gp Tuscany 2020

    Hi everybody, finally track released. Credits and thanks Thanks to Jezere for 2019 Pitstands Thanks to Lo2k for GP4 Builder, Tex Resizer etc. Thanks to Geoff Crammond for GP4 Download link Here is a preview video 😎 Enjoy Davide & Jorge
  6. drt01

    RELEASE ***** MISANO WORLD CIRCUIT Marco Simoncelli *****

    Thanks Jorge:holas:
  7. drt01

    RELEASE ***** MISANO WORLD CIRCUIT Marco Simoncelli *****

    Here are 2 video by phantaman Credits and Thanks: F1 Virtual Team (Gildoorf, Prblanco) for track .dat Culmone67 for 3D Object and for hi-res textures Phantaman for nice preview video Lo2k for GP4 Builder, Tex Resizer etc. Geoff Crammond for GP4 Permission Nobody has the permission to...
  8. drt01

    RELEASE Suzuka 2018 update by Jcaranti

    Well done Jorge:ok:.. and happy new year:cerveza:
  9. drt01

    RELEASE Shanghai 2018 v1.21 update by Jcaranti (8/8/2019)

  10. drt01

    RELEASE Spa 2018 v1.00 update by Jcaranti (8/8/2019)

    Great News, all these tracks updated.. well done my friend:yujuu:
  11. drt01

    RELEASE Bahrain 2018 (31/3/2019)

    Great Job..:aplauso:
  12. drt01

    RELEASE Melbourne 2018 (3/16/2019)

    Thanks Jorge.. well done:ok:
  13. drt01

    RELEASE Austin 2013

    Here an update version of Austin 2013 by Jorge v.1.5. Enjoy:) http://www.mediafire.com/file/f3td83fw6fv7jx5/Austin_2013++v1.5+by+drt01+with+update+by+Jcaranti.rar
  14. drt01

    RELEASE Austin 2014 8/1/2019

  15. drt01

    RELEASE Austin 2014 8/1/2019

    Well done my friend..:yujuu:
  16. drt01

    RELEASE Austin 2015 8/1/2019

    Well done Jorge.. :aplauso:
  17. drt01

    RELEASE Austin 2018

    Thanks for maintain alive this track..;)
  18. drt01

    RELEASE Hungaroring 2018 V1.0 Update by Jcaranti

    Thanks Jorge :victory:
  19. drt01

    RELEASE Hungaroring 2017 1/1/2019

    Thanks Jorge :victory:
  20. drt01

    RELEASE Austin 2013

    F1 Austin 2013 - Released. Link http://www.mediafire.com/file/9kb4dzp1ct5ed71/Austin_2013.7z/file
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