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2021 GRAND PRIX 2021: The F1 2021 CSM Mod 0.97

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I just updated the standalone version of the mod ("non-csm" ) with the latest content of the 2021 season. Also i have added a GUI which makes it easier to play and customize the mod.
You'll find additional information as well as the donwload link to the new installer on ressource page.

Huge thank you to Öggo and ZaZ for teaching me C#
I updated the mod with some new content and a few fixes.
Download link on first post - delete your existing mod an reinstall all 3 parts. Make sure to delete 2021 mod content in backup and recovery folders as well.

- Fixed rear light position (rear lights 2 and 3 (rear wing) did not work properly on previous versions):

- Updated the pit monitor with track specific textures (left mirror will now show laptimes from the actual 2021 quali, right monitor will show a trackmap). Best to use with the "all tracks/cars" subset:

- All new liveries and shapes that have been released recently (including the 2021 Alpine shape and Zandvoort / Monza textures for Alfa Romeo):


- Some minor fixes to the CSM structure

I will update the non-csm version later. Currently i'm working on a new UI for this version of the mod.
Have fun and let me know if anything doesn't work.
I entirely rearranged the CSM structure of the mod (also thanks to some help from ZaZ). There are basically a lot of fixes and new features, but the most important is that you can now choose between 3 subsets where you will have the option to load ALL trackspecfic cars.wad and anim.wad. It's a very useful feature csm has, even though it hasn't been used in the last couple of years.

Please re-install all 3 parts of the mod and delete your current installation. For further information please have a look at the readme file.

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Fixed an issue where the game would crash sometimes when loaded with default tracks.
Also i included some new and yet unreleased helmets and car liveries by Fongu.
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What's new:
- All updated cars, cockpit textures and helmets that have been released so far
- No-refueling animation tweak by 32BOBO32
- Updated menu images (weather and car setup) by 32BOBO32
- Pit call panles updated to 2021 season
- Performance files updated to Yas Marina
- Updated and more accurate physics
- Loadingscreens updated to Yas Marina
- Cars.wad will now always contain both high and standard resolution car textures. This makes it easier if you want to change the resolution in the in-game menu and also makes it easier if you want to convert the mod to a non-csm mod.
- Updated car_collision_mesh.ct thanks to Öggo's car collision mesh editor
- Updated Monaco pitcrew script by Öggo (pitcrew will now appear on the correct side in the original Monaco track slot)
- Added some more options to the CSM context menu:

- Probably some more fixes and stuff which i don't remember right now

Known but unsolved issues:
- "Loss-of-power issue": In some cases when a CC car stops on track, it appears to have no power on the wheels and hits max. revs until the engine blows. It happens for CC cars only and only in some cases. Unfortunately, i couldn't fix that issue until now, but i'll be working on it.
- Exessive plank wear: Due to more weight and more downforce compared to the original 2001 cars, the player's car appears to have exessive plank wear after a few laps which results in lower top speed. I assume this is related to some default spring settings. Prblanco have found some values related to springs in the gp4.exe, but until now, this issue is unsolved. An easy work-arround is to just raise ride height. I'll be working on that too.

That's it for now. Thanks a lot to all involved in this project. Everybody who wants to add content to this mod or help to solve the issues described above is very welcome!
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