2020 GRAND PRIX 2020: THE F1 2020 CSM MOD 1.01

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A BIG THANK YOU goes to Fongu, Petrus, Rracunis, Excalibur, 32BOBO32 and all the others for their big help with testing and helping to build the mod!

Help to develop the mod further! A mod is always a community project and you are very welcome to join!
☐ F1 2020 engine sounds: open
☐ More? Don't hesistate to contribute to the mod!

Some Screenshots:

F1 2020 CSM Mod
compiled by Carl_gpgames based on MSchumi24's 2019 Mod
Version: 1.01
Permission: Remains to the original authors.

Mercedes        Isaint
Ferrari            Hega & Excalibur, rracunis (Sakhir liveries)
RedBull            GeZeRe
Renault            Excalibur, gap177 (liveries updates)
Haas            Fongu & Excalibur
McLaren            Excalibur
Racing Point        Hega, rracunis (Hulkenberg car texture)
Alfa Romeo        Hega
Alpha Tauri        GeZeRe, Fongu (liveries updates)
Williams        Excalibur, rracunis (Sakhir liveries)

Shapes:            jvinu2000
Textures:        jvinu2000, Excalibur, rracunis, Fongu, Haze Racing Design

TYRES            Hega, Soulbringer, rracunis

External StWheels    Carl_gpgames
Internal StWheels    Carl_gpgames
Pit Monitor        Carl_gpgames
Cockpits        Hega, Carl_gpgames (interiors)
GPaedia            petrus
Pitcrews&Engineers    AugustoGibim
Marshalls        AugustoGibim
Performance files    gitanes
Physics            gitanes
Sounds            Briere
Visors            rracunis
TV Style        Carl_gpgames, AugustoGibim (Live Speed), 32BOBO32 (Track Preview)
New HUD            rracunis
-Drivers        Carl_gpgames
-Helmets        Petrus  
-Gridcars        AugustoGibim
-Logos            Carl_gpgames
Fonts            32BOBO32
Loadingscreens        Carl_gpgames (GP4-Logo by 32BOBO32)
CSM menu images        Carl_gpgames
Menu trackmaps        petrus
Menu countrymaps    petrus
Menu backgrounds    Carl_gpgames
CSM Icons        Various
memory limit cap    Lee71
Event Sound Set        Carl_gpgames
Team Radio        teunieeegp4
Damage Coefficient    Kedy89
DX8 to DX9 converter    crosire
Mod structure, Settings    Carl_gpgames, Kedy89, MSchumi24, fongu, rracunis, various
Extras (onesmoke.tex, fire_multiple.tga, shadows)    carl_gpgames

Read me:

1. Start clean! Install GP4 (v.1.02!) and CSM (don't know how to do that? visit!).
2. Use a clean version of GP4 in combination with CSM only! Do NOT change any of the original files. If you use non-csm mods as well, use a second installation of GP4 for CSM.
3. Open CSM, select "File", "Install carset/update" and install the "F1 2020.cuh". Then install part 2 and part 3 (Part 3 contains low resolution textures only. If you don't need that, don't install it).

M O D   O P T I O N S

Grand Prix of...: Select which Grand Prix you want to Race. Car- and helmet textures will relate to the selected Grand Prix.
Driver: Select your driver (can later be changed in the in-game menus).
Session: Select the type of session you want to play (can later be changed in the in-game menus).
Weather Conditions: Select the weather conditions.
Track loading method: Choose if you want to load all tracks from your TSM-Tracklist or only the selected track ("Grand Prix of..." option).

Difficulty Level: self-explaining (can later be changed in the in-game menus).
Black Flags: Chosse wether to enable or disable Black Flags (for cutting track) or to replace them with a drive-through penalty.
Slipstream Effect: Enable or disable advanced slipstream-effects.
Damage Coefficient: Choose how quick parts of the cars will break of (100% is the game's default setting).
Head View Movement: Enable or disable Head View Movement (Cockpit camera).
No refueling animation: Enable or disable the refueling animation. WARNING: Enabeling this option might lead your game to crash (at least on some computers).
2020 Physics: Enable or disable the 2020 Physics (recommended for Monza - 2020 Performance and 2020 Torque will still be enabled!).

Panels: 2020 TV Overlay: New gpxcinfo panels in 2020 TV style (lap time, flags, position, replay, track preview, live speed, lap, session time (for practice and quali). Press "K" to disable the gpxsat panels!
Panels: Default GP4 HUD: Enables the default GP4 HUD. Recommended to disable all other panels when this option is enabled.
Panels: New Hud: Enables a new HUD (gears, speed and rpm)
Panels: Driving Helps: A new panel in 2020 tv style to show the driving helps, water temp, fuel laps and PO.
Visors: Enable or disable visors in cockpit view.
Steering wheel: You can choose to either use a generic steering wheel, which is in full 3D for cockpit view, or you can use the default GP4 wheel. The third option "Team specific" is to have individual steering wheels for all teams. Please note there are no files contained in the mod. If you want to use that option, you need to add the files by yourself.
Cockpit mode: Select to either show the full halo, half halo or no halo.

Sound Hardware Acceleration: This is an experimental option, which enables EAX-Effects on modern operating systems (Windows 7 - Windows 10). Try if it works for you, otherwise disable it.
Advanced Team Radio: Additional team radio that gives you information about track position, failures, pit calls, etc.

Screen resolution: Choose your screen resolution. If you have set your prefered resolution in your f1graphics.cfg-file, choose "f1graphics".
Run in a window: Enable this option if you want to run the game in a window.
Textures resolution: Choose wether the textures (cars) are on high or low resolution. Low resolution is recommended on low-end computers and to enhance performance.
DirectX Verison: Default is DirectX 8.1. Select always "DirectX 9" if you use ReShade. When "DirectX 9" is selected, allways set CPU to "all" in GpxPatch-Settings. On some computers, you may have a better perfromance with DirectX 9, even without ReShade.
Mirrors: Enable or disable mirrors.
Dynamic video walls: If enabled, the Video Walls on the track-side will show the race in realtime. If disabeld, only static images are shown. Recommended to disable this option on low-end computers and to enhance performance.
Heat haze: Enables the heat haze effect. Recommended to disable this option on low-end computers and to enhance performance.
Number of mip maps: You can choose up to 8 levels of mip maps (recommended for high resolutions). Note that most of the tracks will have 4 mipmaps only.
Bump map track: Use the "Bump map" effect for tarmac. Warning, does not work with most of the newer track textures and will use the default GP4-tarmac instead!
Car shadow type: "Projected" is the best shadow type. If you have the "shadow-bug" ("endless" shadows on some tracks), select "composite" or "static".
Car shadow resolution: self-explaining.
Menu: GPI Resolution: The resolution for the images in the in-game menu. Only select "Standard" if "high" doesn't work for you (may happen on screens with a low resolution).

GP4Tweaker: Real Time Editing: Enable this option, if you want to in-game edit cameras, helmet positions, steering wheel positions, etc. Warning: Changes will not be saved automatically. Always take a screenshot of your changes and write the number into the ini-files in the tweaker-folder.
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