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Contenido reciente de Rookie26

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    RELEASE Hungaroring 2018 V1.0 Update by Jcaranti

    Thank you very much Mr. Jorge. Alwas a pleasure to drive on your tracks.
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    WIP Interlagos 2017

    Looks fantastic. You Guys are really amazing. Thank you so much for your efforts and dedication. Thanks to you, this amazing Game is still alive. Many Greetings and a lot of respect.
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    RELEASE MOD Formula 1 1992 by Kerley, Celinho and Friends

    What an amazing Mod. Thank you a million times to all the people who are involved in this amazing project. This Mod is surely one of the Top 5 Mods ever created for this amazing Game. I hope and pray that you Guys will release a lot more Mods in the future.
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    Could I please have the Link to the 2003 Mod. Thank you very much in advance and thank you very much for your Efforts. Many Greetings
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    RELEASE 2016 Mod v0.85 Beta (CSM compilation)

    Thank you very much. Great Work.
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    RELEASE MOD Formula 1 1955

    Thank you very much for this Mod.
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    WIP PEDRO27 - (ALL WORKS IN PROG.) - Thread - ACT1

    Beyond Words.
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    RELEASE GP USA Austin, Texas 2012

    Thank you for your Efforts. Many Greetings
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    RELEASE Nürburgring 2011 v1.3 Update josekast

    Thank you very very much for this fine Piece. Many Greetings
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    RELEASE Montreal 2011 v1.2.2 Update by plodekk, Neil Caine & josekast

    What a shame there is no Download Link for the Track. Anyone got a Clue how to get it? Many Greetings
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    RELEASE Buddh International Circuit (India) 2011 v3.1.5 by KTC & Josekast

    Thank you for sharing this with us. Really fantastic Work. Many Greetings
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    RELEASE MONACO 1982 by Pedro & Jorge

    WOW. Thank you for your Efforts to Keep the best F1 Game ever made alive.
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    RELEASE KYALAMI 1982 by Pedro & Jorge

    This is so much Fun to drive at this Track. Your Track is a Piece of Art. Thank you. Many Greetings
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    So much Fun to drive this amazing Track. Geoff Crammond should see this. It will inspire him to create GP5. THANK YOU.
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    RELEASE Trackpack 1988

    What an amazing Track Pack. Works fine. Thank you so much.
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