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Contenido reciente de landex

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    RELEASE Hochenheim 1968 Beta v. 0.6

    Thank you very much, Davide!
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    RELEASE Anderstorp 1978 - Beta

    Aqui deixo-vos a minha versäo de Anderstorp 1978 - Beta
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    RELEASE Grand Prix 4 MOD 2014 - 30.11.2014

    The A1ring are all good. There can be a issue when you change the .dat order, because the .dat file dont match the wad file, but not necessarily. You have to test it if its ok .
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    RELEASE Grand Prix 4 MOD 2014 - 30.11.2014

    In the gpxpatch GPxTrack tab, you can replace the austin to A1ring .dat file, but some it has some issues. If the wad of the track dont look like it should you have rename the wad file.
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    GP4 2017 mod gratis or no?

    Maybe, The best option its not assembling the complete game an just release he wads, cfg files etc. And just release CSM mod. Its just stupid that some guys kill the work of others creative people.
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    RELEASE Grand Prix 4 MOD 2016 v0.85 - October 10, 2016 (NO-CSM)

    Great job Juliano Marques and co. Unforntely i drive always in the cockpit and so i cant see the cars behind on the mirrows.
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    GP4 Seasons 1990HD & 1993HD By Mrmpleo

    The mod are Fantastic! But i noticed that cars are too fast, maybe to much HP. P.E: In Phoenix the qualy gets 1:17min lap, and it should be about between 1:24 and 1:22 min
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    RELEASE Mexico 2015 (based on 91 track)

    Hi seanmike, i spend some weeks to know how to change track without cms. It is not complicated. 1. You need to know how what .wad are original .wad of the mod in the slot. 2. Then you need rename the wad you want to replace.(not only the .wad but every file inside the wad who has p.e...
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    RELEASE Hochenheim 1968 Beta v. 0.6

    Great track! Thanks!
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    WIP PEDRO27 - (ALL WORKS IN PROG.) - Thread - ACT1

    Oi Pedro, eu estive a testar o circuito de Las Vegas em 100% Race, e existe um Bug: Os carros IA näo conseguem etnrar na box, estampam-se sempre. A entrada. ou seja, o pit connect devia ser antes, para eles poderem afroxar antes do fences begin. Um abraco, Lando
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    WIP PEDRO27 - (ALL WORKS IN PROG.) - Thread - ACT1

    Pedro! F...... eu quando vi esta foto até me arrepiei :)... Es o melhor a fazer circuitos. Ainda nao testei Las Vegas, porque quero fazer-lo em campeonto mode. Aí é que dá para testar bem um circuito, com pressão.
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    Performance file

    Thanks phataman:) :victory:
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    Performance file

    Using just one txt without any track name? I did it but it seems that the cars failures are most all the same in every circuit. I never understod the failure error , Per example, i want a team who has 30% of failure in all season, i put it on perfrmance.txt with teameditor...
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    Performance file

    Hi I would like to know if it is possible to use 1 Performance file.txt in gpxpatch for all tracks? Greetings
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    WIP PEDRO27 - (ALL WORKS IN PROG.) - Thread - ACT1

    Pedro, está UM ESPETÁCULO! Espero brevemente correr nela. :)
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