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Contenido reciente de gp4user

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    RELEASE Grand Prix 4 MOD 2014 BETA v0.6.9 03.07.2014

    Great MOD, thank you to all involved, very fine job... :aplauso: I seem to have lost the english original pit radio. Am I the only one? I have checked the settings in menus and 'english' is my choise, but still it sounds like japanese ;)
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    RELEASE Grand Prix 4 MOD 2014 BETA v0.6.9 03.07.2014

    Downloading right now... Thank you very much for shearing and making 2014 season availeble for the community and all of us who can't do it ourselves ;)
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    RELEASE MOD Formula 1 1980

    :aplauso: Thank you very much Pedro for this fantastic 1980's mod... Great cars and liveries :ok:...
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    RELEASE 2013 Preview Race [19/19]

    Thanks a lot, very fine work :ok:
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    RELEASE Grand Prix 4 MOD 2013 Beta v0.4 15/01/2013

    Thanks for reply :) I just don't want to overwrite my complete GP4 folder as I have my own personal settings/preferences and so on... Hope in time a CSM version with basic elements will be done... Besides that it is a great work this community is doing to keep the GP4 game up to date and...
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    RELEASE Grand Prix 4 MOD 2013 Beta v0.4 15/01/2013

    Will it perhaps be an idea to make a simple 2013 CSM mod with cars and most important items to have a decent 2013 season for GP4...?? Does anyone know if it is made yet...? It takes a lot of my hd-space to install yet another complete mod for GP4... :)
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    RELEASE 2013 Workthread by brudu92

    Very nice cars you have made :ok: Keep up this fine work... :aplauso:
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    WIP Coches 2013 by RG_RLFS94 and Hakki98

    Great job you are doing, looking forward to the first CSM 2013 mod for GP4... :ok::aplauso:
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    New Pau circuit for GP4

    Addie has made several fine circuits for GP3 during the time and also a torurial for track editing.... This is what I know of, but great to have yet another track maker... :D :)
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    New Pau circuit for GP4

    I take the liberty to place a link for a brand new circuit for GP4.... The famous Pau circuit in France used for many racing series (WTCC among others) is made in a 2013 version here: "Circuit de Pau / France" for Grandprix4 :aplauso::D
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    RELEASE GP USA Austin, Texas 2012

    Well well done, thank you very much for shearing your work... :)
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    RELEASE KYALAMI 1982 by Pedro & Jorge

    Very very well done, great circuit and a fine job... Thanks for download... :ok:
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    RELEASE Hochenheim 1968 Beta v. 0.6

    Just downloaded your Hockenheim 1968 circuit, and this is fine fine work, thanks a lot for this 'retro' circuit.... :aplauso:
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    RELEASE Bahrain 2012

    Hi Neil, First of all thanks for shearing and updating the Bahrain track... :) I have a minor problem as I can't get the track to work. Is the right .wad file included...?? It contains Hockenheim2001.wad file and the 2008 track pack Bahrain uses A1-ring2001.wad... The track .dat file shows...
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    WIP Team Radio 2.0 (demonstration) + Enbseries (released) + Pitboards 2012 (Demonstration)

    Wonderfull and authentic team radio you've made, great work... :ok: I've made something similar years ago for GPxPatch (GP3) and recently uploaded it... It also contains the delayed sounds for avoiding overlapping sounds and more realism... You're welcome to try it out here: Pit radio for...
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