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Nuevos mensajes de perfil

  1. jcaranti
    MSCHUMI24 THIEF of GP4 WORKS. I did not give permission for the 1997 pitcrews that i did.
    1. A wvogtt le gusta esto.
  2. jcaranti
    Suzuka, Silverstone, Spa-Francorchamps and Hungaroring 2016 COMPLETED. Their is a few conditions for me to continue to share.
    1. A Jorge Carvalho, BobT y phantaman les gusta esto.
  3. jcaranti
    I have started Spa 2013 to get closer to finish my mision on the 2013 track pack. Nurburgring 2013 is done exept 1 bug that im trying to fix
  4. phantaman
    After returning, I was redoing (new calculations) a physics. It´s an estimate of HRT F112 datas. Everything works well
  5. phantaman
    I've been gone for a breakdown in the cooling system on my computer.
  6. munnzy199
    munnzy199 superman77m
    Bueno Superman77m tarde. Por favor, podría yo pedir el enlace a su megapack de 2005, tengo los otros y que son grandes.

    Good afternoon Superman77m. Please could i request the link to your megapack 2005, i have the others and they are great.

    1. A juan puerta le gusta esto.
  7. jcaranti
    I never released Canada 2014 but i get blamed on something that i never released !!!. in GPG.org anything can happend. !!!.
  8. jcaranti
    RELEASED: Sepang 2016 v1.0 update by Jcaranti
  9. jcaranti
    RELEASED: Canada 2016 v1.00 update by jcaranti
  10. Juliano Marques
    Juliano Marques
    Furious with some motherfucker that selling MOD's the GP4 in Italian ebay
    1. A Augustogibim le gusta esto.
  11. Juliano Marques
    Juliano Marques CleberPister
    Feliz aniversário!
    Desfrute esse dia, que é especialmente seu.
  12. jcaranti
    RELEASED: Shanghai 2016 V1.00 update by Jcaranti
  13. jcaranti
    RELEASED: Bahrain 2016 v1.00 update by Jcaranti
  14. jcaranti
    RELEASED: Melbourne 2016 v1.00 update by Jcaranti
  15. jcaranti
    RELEASED: Bahrain 2015 v1.01 update by Jcaranti and tumyeto
    1. A Sallesf1 le gusta esto.
    2. jcaranti
      Bahrain 2015 v1.01 update released.
      It has a few bug fixes and i put the 2015 tvanim.
      4 de Febrero de 2016
  16. jcaranti
    RELEASED: Bahrain 2014 v1.70 update by Jcaranti and tumyeto
    1. A BobT le gusta esto.
  17. jcaranti
    RELEASED: Spa-Francorchamps 2014 v1.00 update by jcaranti
  18. jcaranti
    RELEASED: SEPANG 2014 V1.0 update by Jcaranti SINGAPORE 2014 V1.3 by Jcaranti
  19. jcaranti
    Spa-Francorchamps 2015 v1.00 update by jcaranti RELEASED
    1. A phantaman le gusta esto.
  20. jcaranti
    Suzuka 2015 v1.0 update by Jcaranti RELEASED