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18 de Junio de 2011
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Hello everybody!
It is with great pleasure that we release our first GP4 mod (public).
Below you can link to our blog and download the GP2 2011 version 1.0, we thank the F1-S-R team for contributing.
View the "read me" file inside the .rar to see more info.
Suggestions and questions? Please contact: (or PM me here on GP4 Forever)


Thanks! :ok:


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30 de Octubre de 2011
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Looks fantastic, cant wait to try this out, i have the older GP2 mod from 2005 and still enjoy that one, Bravo :aplauso:

Rot Teufel

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3 de Octubre de 2013
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Old update i released one year ago. Seems nice to post it both here if you miss it. Have fun.

GP2 2011 New Performance and Physis Updated (by Rot Teufel)

Tired about seeing the same cars win for each track? Well this is the answer to your problem.
A brand new physis with real power, weight, misures and a brand new performance files from real time data, each one different for each race.
I can't prosime the real race results, but those are close enough to simulate close as possibile the real race results (race 1 and race 2)
Completed with a brand new defaul performance.ini file too.

Have fun

Rot Teufel

Tools: Performance Calculator 1.2 by Prblanco (2008)

Concerning about Race 2, retirements, Spa qualify, Monza race and missing teams

Race 2

As everyone knows it's impossibile to simulate with accurancy the normal GP2 weekend with reversed grid, so i reversed times during qualifying session for Race 2, so reversed grid will be present in any case.
Each driver that didn't reach the 8th place during Race 1, will be scaled to the 9th position (and so on).
Example: Ericsson get the 7th place in qualify for race 1, but didn't finish the race. Vietoris started from 10th position but get the 4th place so in race 2 will start in 5th grid position.


Most of real life GP2 retirements were caused by crashes. It's pretty difficult simulate those real parametrs in track's magic data.
So retirements will be subsituted by failure points. Even with failure points i can't assume wich driver will retire, so hope you could understand that most of the time GP4 will choose randmoly the right or wrong drivers. You've been warned.


In this mod there is only one race for Monza, so i decided to choose Race 1 grid and times.


In qualify 1 drivers will have a huge difference in times (rain session). During qualify 2 (dry/damp session) times will be closer and will follow the reversed grid rule.

Missing teams

Gp4 allows only 22 cars on grid, so two team will be out of the grid. This could strickly influence some race results.
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